Buy From Black Women: A Holiday Shopping Guide

Tis the Season!

It may be a little early to start putting up Christmas decorations, but it’s never too early to start buying gifts. I’m doing something a little different this year and will be making my purchases early. Yes, I am a holiday-shopping procrastinator. Starting early will 1) save myself a headache and 2) save my bank account. Carefully planning out my gift purchases will help save money and allow me the opportunity to cash in on some holiday deals. I find that when I wait until the last minute I make impulse purchases and wind up spending more than I wanted to.

Another thing that I will be more conscious of is making purchases from businesses owned by Black women. Black women entrepreneurs are on the rise and according to the stats, this growth in the market won’t be stopping anytime soon.

I’ve searched high and low for Black, women owned businesses and I’ve narrowed that list down to a couple of my favorites. I made it easy for you and linked the images directly to the company websites. I’ve included everything from candles, to shirts, to soaps, to gift wrapping paper. All you have to do is click and buy!

Lastly, here’s a list, created by My Brown Box of 78 more Black, women owned businesses. There’s some more dope stuff there so check it out!

Ok, seriously, one more thing. Keeping with the theme of supporting Black, women owned businesses. I have some amazing friends and sisters that have businesses and services that you should support as well. There’s a couple of things listed from books to body care. Check them out below!


Kosmo Krave

vanID Beauty

Hookah Express ATL

Sherjetta P. Artistry

Phases: The Series

Thanks for checking out this post. Comment below with what you plan on purchasing this holiday season!

Much Love,

Jasmine Symone