Wake Up Mr. West: A Call Out.

Wrote this while listening to All Falls Down

A quick rant:

I know some of ya'll are bumping Ye's new album right now. Screaming "Ye is back". The same some of you were ALSO yelling, to the backs of rooms, "CANCEL KANYE" because of his rant on TMZ...a little less than a month ago. Some of you were outraged at the H&M "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" hoodie, worn by a beautiful, little Black boy. And that same some of you were balling out on their 80% off sale...the next week. I'm not here to judge, or shame...just to hold you accountable. 

It's not your fault though [it really is], I blame social media [no really, I blame you]. We live in a fast-paced, trendy world thanks to platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The lifespan of a trending topic has become a lot shorter these days, meaning one day were pissed about something, and the VERY. NEXT. DAY...we've forgotten about it. Ye' even knows that. He literally said "I can say whatever I want and people will still buy my music". Ye' knows his power...but do you know yours? I'm not gonna go there...that's a read for another day.

Back to the lecture at hand. Childish Gambino's "This is America" video is a perfect depiction of what's going on right now. If you haven't seen it (at least three times), stop reading and go watch it. For those of you who haven't been living under a rock, follow me. The video depicts a lot in our society, but for the purposes of this blog post, let's say that the "background" of the video represents Kanye's comments on slavery & his support for Trump, and that the "dancing" represents his album dropping. We become so enthralled by the entertainment that we forget about what's really going on. It's like what he said doesn't matter anymore...but "his album fye though".


Why are we like this? I ain't got the answers Sway. But if I had to guess, I would argue that a lot of us hop on and off activism trends, and are fickle about what we support, because...it's easy to. It's easy to hashtag this and hashtag that, or put up a filter in support of a cause. Because it's so easy to show "support" for something, that makes it even easier to not support it as soon as it becomes "less trendy". 

But, what confuses me the most is that we were so quick to cancel Chrisette Michelle for singing at Trump's inauguration and delete Sabrina Claudio from our music libraries because of her remarks toward Black women. Yet, Kanye gets a pass because...he's Kanye?

confused face.gif

Let me be clear. I don't think Kanye should stop making music. I'm a huge fan of his art. But from one Black sister to my Black brother, and as a true fan, I have to hold him accountable for the remarks he's made and actions he's taken that affects our community and culture. I can't scream #BlackLivesMatter and then turn around and support someone who thinks slavery was a choice. I can't say that I'm with DACA Dreamers and then turn around and support someone that wears MAGA hats and thinks Trump is a good dude. I just can't. So, no Kanye, I can't listen to your album and I can't support you right now. I have to hold you accountable...no matter how dope I know that album is...I just can't.

Wake up Mr. West...please. 

wake up.gif