Instagram Has Me Creatively Frustrated and Here's Why

Out of my deep frustration with trying to create content for this week, below is a letter that I wrote to myself. I needed a space to air out my grievances and pen my thoughts. I finished writing it in ten, solid minutes. This is probably the fastest blog post I’ve ever written. That’s just how fed up I was...


I’ve been having trouble creating lately...

Instagram is full of influencers, bloggers, creatives, etc.

And I follow most of them.

Their art is dope and I’m inspired by them.

I begin to write, brainstorm, and plan but NONE of the content feels “right”.

I take a step back and look at it like “who’s creating this?”

It just doesn’t feel like me.

It feels whack and like something I don’t want to read.

Something I would never “click the link in bio” on or be mildly interested in.

Where did my creativity go?

Where did my authenticity go?

Where did my uniqueness go?

I feel like it’s hidden somewhere in the depths of my Instagram timeline.

I scroll through hella posts everyday.

It’s no wonder I’m “inspired”.

No wonder my work looks like so and so’s

No wonder I don’t recognize the content that I’ve tried to create lately.

I get the notion that you should use sources for inspiration...

But I would caution that

Depending on your sources, you can wind up subconsciously recreating the very things you’re inspired by.

And as an artist, that’s whack.

And your audience will definitely be able to pick up on your fraudulent efforts.

So, I’m gonna share more and consume less

Post more and scroll less.

Mute and unfollow.

Do what I gotta do to create things I’m in love with.

Look at my old work more often, instead of my neighbors, for inspiration

Critique and then create.

Rely on my own dopeness for inspiration.

Be my own “hashtag goals”.

My own blueprint.

kenya moore yaaass.gif

And you know what else, I think the stress of trying to make this blog pop is getting to me.

Trying to make it look like “that” blogger’s site or “that” influencer’s platform.

Trying to get brand sponsorships and paid opportunities.

God gave me a voice for a reason.

He gave me words for a reason.

He gave me an audience for a reason.

How dare I insult my creator by relying on other creations from other creatures as my primary source for inspiration.

Yes, I can plan out content.

I can make it thematic and do what everybody else is doing.


I can make it me.

And be as authentic, as real, as raw, and as unapologetic as I encourage my readers to be.

Will some of them like it? Yes.

Will some of them hate it? Yes.

What matters most is that I love it and more importantly, that I recognize it as my work.

So here’s to scrolling less and writing more.

Here’s to being free from subconscious distractions.

Here’s to creating authentically.

taraji cheers.gif

As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts below. Have you ever been creatively frustrated? What did you do to start creating again? Also, while you’re here..go ahead and subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Trust me, it’s good for you.

Much Love,