Amanda Seales' HBO Comedy Special "I Be Knowin" is Smart, Funny, & Black AF



Amanda Seales is no stranger to on-screen production. She got her start on the 90’s Black sitcom “My Brother and Me” and is currently starring as Tiffany in HBO’s “Insecure”. Fast forward to today, Amanda is, yet again, taking over our screens in a special titled“I Be Knowin”. It’s the lesson on Black womanhood that we all need to hear and it’s no surprise that Amanda would take this angle for her HBO stand-up comedic debut. From her Columbia University masters degree in African American studies to her hilarious, and quite informative, rants on Instagram, Amanda has been a long- standing advocate and voice for the Black community.

We first, publicly, heard of her stance on social justice issues during her passionate conversation with Caitlyn Jenner at Katy Perry’s dinner party. Yea, remember that? Amanda schooled Caitlyn on a very important lesson around trans people of color. Basically, she called out Caitlyn’s privilege in the trans community and like clockwork, the internet blew up. Since then, Amanda gained a significant following on the gram with her witty commentary and hilarious videos about the current political climate, nuances in pop culture, and f*ck boys.

Most people refer to Amanda as an actress, which is pretty accurate, however Amanda says that she’s a comedian first and everything else is secondary to that. Speaking of secondary things, she’s also the host of the Small Doses podcast and the creator of the live, comedy game show Smart, Funny, and Black. And because she’s a “can’t stop wont stop” kind of girl, she will also be apart of a comedy competition series,Bring the Funny alongside Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen, and Jeff Foxworthy slated to air on NBC. GO AWF SIS!!

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I Be Knowin’ is authentically Amanda and unapologetically Black. Grab your friends, grab some wine, and watch it together. Here’s a couple of uncanny moments that makes this comedy special worthwhile.

First of all, the Negro National Anthem.

church! (wm).gif

The audience got together, in all of their Blackness, and sung the Black National anthem in a beautiful three-part harmony. I mean, it can’t get no Blacker than that.

Secondly, on being a Black woman in predominantly White spaces.


She touches on code-switching, learning about Black culture much later in life, and the difference between a “Hannah” and a “Becky”. Whew, chile.

Lastly, on dealing with male privilege.


She gets it. Amanda shares her super-relatable stories on dealing with the patriarchy whether it’s at work, in the streets, or on a plane.

Listen, there’s a whole lot more to the comedy special but I don’t want to spoil it for you sooooo GO WATCH IT! “I Be Knowin” is going on tour so you can also check out Amanda, and all of her funniness, in a city near you.